Malai Pozhudhil…

Recently, a friend forwarded me a link to Malai Pozhudil Oru Maedai Misaiye, written by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathi and sung by Bombay Jayashri. I do not know poetic Tamil well enough to understand the lyrics and some googling took me here.

And then, it was pure bliss.

Poetry so dreamily beautiful, a rendition so soulful, perfect choice of ragam (I’m going to hazard a guess here – Darbaari Kanaada or some sister or cousin of this raga. I might be wrong considering my limited knowledge.) The song has only the first two paras of the poem. I urge you to read the poem all the way to the end (4 paras in all). You’ll thank me.

The theme is one that Bharathi talks about usually – Nature & his muse, Kannamma.  But what a brilliant picture he creates every single time. Picture this – you’re sitting, looking at the ocean, the skies & a rainbow – the rainbow “kissing” the ocean, lost in all this beauty, when your soulmate caresses you from behind, covers your eyes, you recognise him/her from the excited heartbeat….. Look at the scintillating beauty in this scene. I am just transported to a different word each time I picture this, with Jayashri’s voice spelling out each phrase with deep emotion.

One wonders what would have  inspired Bharathi to put together words which convey such intense feelings. He must have been madly in love with Kannamma (who is a complete enigma herself – who was she really?). What was their story like? Where would he have written this particular piece? What time of the day? What would have transpired in his mind as these words came floating by?

Did he ever realise that close to a century after he wrote this, there would still be people wondering about him, his poetry, his story – lost in the bliss he has given words to?  That his work would be timeless? That people would find resonance in his words as deeply as if they wrote them and more, as if they had actually lived through the magical moments he weaved in his poetry?

Salute you, Mahakavi!

Thank you, Jayashri for your soulful rendition.

And thanks, Sid for sharing this song & the team at for helping me understand it.



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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for giving a shout out to us! We are glad we helped appreciate Bharathi’s awesomeness. We have an larger collection of his works which you might like :


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  2. rosh says:

    Hello! Loved your site! đŸ™‚ Have bookmarked you & am going to be a regular visitor!

    Keep up the great work, team!


  3. Rathnavel says:

    You poured out perfectly everything that I was going through after listening to this rendition!!! He is Mahakavi indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rosh says:

      Thanks for the read! He is!


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